Electric vehicles for those who drive the most!

Drive an EV for less than the cost of a gas car! Pay less, pollute less.

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Membership Price:

$150 / week


$0.20 / mile

Unlimited Extensions

Remember, you're no longer paying for gas!


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Charging? We got you covered

Gemini includes complimentary overnight charging at an assigned charging location. In the morning, you'll simply pick up your car with a full charge and start driving.


The best part? Gemini’s network extends across the Los Angeles region, so there is likely a charger that is less than 10 minutes from your home.  


Interested in installing a charger at your residence or have a charger that is not in our network? Contact us to explore your options.

Drive more, earn more

Gemini’s unique high-mileage bonus rewards you with 150 free miles if you drive at least 1,500 miles in a week.


Drive for Uber? Your new electric vehicle qualifies for Uber Green and Zero Emission bonuses.


Click to learn more about green incentives!


Comprehensive maintenance

and insurance coverage

Drive worry free with the 24-7 roadside assistance, full maintenance including tires,

and rideshare insurance.

We provide everything you need to get on the road, so you can focus on driving!

We help you make the most of your EV. By joining our membership club, you gain perks - including the option to bring your own insurance, preferred charging and zero monthly payments for high mileage drivers lowering your cost to just $0.20 per mile. 


Membership is offered by invitation only to existing qualified drivers. For more information, please contact us.

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